I am, improbably, running for public office: Moderator of Ward 3 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

In New Hampshire, the moderator is the principal election official in a ward, responsible for running the polling place, supervising the ballot-counting process, and so forth. It pays $230 per election, though city law specifies (§ 30.09) that if you skip the training session, they dock half the pay. It has no other powers or duties.

I am a lawyer and law professor at UNH who has volunteered as a poll worker or poll monitor since 2004. I’ve lived in Ward 3 since 2014. I worked at the same-day voter-registration table during the 2016 general election and I have volunteered during several other elections in Ward 3. I’ve worked at enough different polling places over the years that I’ve seen what works well—friendly, capable poll workers who run a well-organized polling place that gets people in and out so everyone can vote quickly and efficiently—and what doesn’t.

Ward 3’s current moderator, Gail Athas, isn’t running for reelection. A few people suggested I might do a good job as moderator, and I agreed to run so I could help make voting as easy and quick as possible for everyone in Ward 3.

The primary election is on September 17, 2019, and the general election is on November 5, 2019. Ward 3’s polling place is the Carol M. Rines Center at 1528 Elm Street (through the back entrance). There’s a map of Ward 3 here. There are two other candidates in the race—Amy McCall and Priscilla Mills—and I am sure they would do great jobs as well.